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Thread: Michael Jackson Podcast by PositivelyMichael:Trial Discussion with Tom Mesereau 10/29

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    Michael Jackson Podcast by PositivelyMichael:Trial Discussion with Tom Mesereau 10/29

    10-30-2011 12:51 PM

    This is the fourth installment in our series of discussions with Tom Mesereau regarding the Conrad Murray manslaughter trial. Topics discussed include the final week of prosecution witnesses, the first week of defense witnesses, what to expect as the trial winds to an end, and how the verdict proceedings will take place. During the recording, the hosts from PositivelyMichael were traveling by car to Neverland and then on to LA to attend the court proceedings. Tom Mesereau was also in transit and graciously recorded with us from his car. As a result, the audio is a bit rougher than normal. We are grateful to Tom for taking the time to record in the midst of his travels!

    If you have a question for Tom, please visit the designated thread in the Investigation and Trial section of our forum or tweet it to us.

    You can find our forum at or tweet us @posmike.

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    Just finished listening to this. Very interesting to hear what Tom makes of the defense's case (overall & Dr. White's testimony) and the timeline for the rest of the trial including his estimate of how long jury deliberations will take. What a comfort to hear again how diligent & conscientious Judge Pastor is, and how his style will influence the thoroughness of the jury instructions which I believe are critical to the outcome. My faith remains strong after listening to this.

    For anyone who's been following the trial closely or even not so closely (like me), I highly recommend it (as GS said in another thread)!

    Thank you Tom!

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    Can someone summarize the podcast for me?

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    I enjoyed this very much!


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